Spencer Thal, J.D. of Vanguard Law has more than 20 years of experience representing workers and injured people in disputes with corporations, governments and insurance companies. Spencer is rated "superb" (10 - highest Avvo rating) by clients and his peers.


If you have an employment issue or are injured in an accident, you need a strong and sophisticated labor attorney you can trust.

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A personal injury can be debilitating and leave you or a family member facing chronic pain and high medical bills. Vanguard Law can provide an experienced labor attorney you can trust to handle your case.


Vanguard Law protects the rights of workers in employment cases. With Vanguard, you have an aggressive advocate when you've been wrongfully terminated or mistreated on the job.


Workplace and other forms of discrimination can leave you feeling demoralized and helpless. With Vanguard, you will receive sound legal counsel based on over twenty years of professional experience.


Vanguard Law provides experienced legal consultation for Seattle and Kitsap residents in a variety of areas. Contact Vanguard at 206-488-8344 for more information.


A brilliant lawyer...

Spencer is nothing short of a brilliant lawyer and I'm so happy I came across him when I did. It's really heartening to see someone with his extensive expertise devoting his career to helping the little guys.

I needed help...

I needed help when my new supervisor at work wanted me fired for job failure, despite my previously receiving good performance reviews. With only one meeting and a few short email exchanges, Mr. Thal guided me so I could express my side of the story such that I was offered a very favorable severance package.

Spencer's knowledge and experience are exceptional...

The team at Council 2 was fortunate to have Spencer leading our legal department for several months. He provided terrific support, offering clear, concise legal advice on labor and employment issues that helped us navigate several challenging situations. His knowledge and experience in the field of labor law are exceptional, and I intend to use his services again in the future any time we need to retain outside counsel.

Spencer is extremely knowledgable and friendly...

Spencer is extremely knowledgable and friendly. Always quick to answer emails and phone calls for our auto claim.

I have known Spencer and his work for almost 20 years...

I have known Spencer and his work for almost 20 years. I can unreservedly recommend him for his professionalism, expertise, honesty and work ethic. Any worker who is in need of legal services would be well-advised to give Spencer a call.

Superb lawyer, I love the way he operates...

I hired Spencer to represent me in a public sector termination without cause case. He deftly cut through all the noise and distractions to ensure my full severance package was honored. Additionally, he kept me and my spouse appraised of the situation at all times. He communicated superbly, and clearly explained what our options were, and which one(s) had the best chance of succeeding. He played the whole event perfectly, without a misstep or mistake. He applied pressure when needed, was patient when needed, and gave me sage advice always. I like the way he operates and would highly recommend his services.